1 The World and I

Welcome to your very first English course in secondary school! Each English group has its own schedule which should make studying easier – don’t forget to mark the important dates (tests, project deadlines etc.) in your calendar!

Course book and material


Course Schedules

Our Blog

Our blog: We Heart Letters

Evaluation (mandatory requirements):

  1. class activity (badges)
  2. on-going assignments on Tabletkoulu (40% of your grade)
  3. blog project (10% of your grade)
  4. Quizlet quizzes (10% of your grade)
  5. final exam on course vocabulary and grammar on Tabletkoulu (40% of your grade)

Useful Grammar links


One thought on “1 The World and I

  1. Hello! My name is Steve Ahn and I am a teacher in the United States (Virginia). I will be in Finland next week (March 9-12, 2014) and would love to come visit your school and connect and share with you and/or your students. I am not coming to Finland as part of a group – I am coming there on my own to soak up your education culture and would love to simply get a chance to talk. If you check this reply in time and if I am able to meet up with you and/or your classes, please let me know. my email is sahn@wcs.k12.va.us I love this blog! Good job!

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