4 Open Road

The purpose of course four is to encourage you to take a critical look at our society. Blogging will allow you to reach out into the world and make a difference. You will familiarize yourselves with newspaper articles and learn how to write summaries, argumentative essays and letters to the editor. Society, marriage, religion, government, living and justice are all discussed in Open Road 4. You will also be making a speech built around these themes – good luck!

English Group 2

Instructions and Study Material

Fun stuff

Evaluation (mandatory requirements)

  1. 2 vocabulary tests (texts 1 – 4, 6 – 7)
  2. a speech (oral) 50 p
  3. 1 blog entry
    • summary + 10 challenging words 20 p
    • argumentative essay / letter to the editor + poll 99 p
    •  commenting at least one blog entry by a fellow student (argumentative) 10 p
  4. 1 in class essay 99 p
  5. final exam on vocabulary and grammar + listening comprehension
  6. class activity


  • the infinitive, the ing-form, that-clause
  • reported speech
  • indirect questions
  • conjunctions and linking words
  • nationalities + capital letters

Blog Theme: our world is far from perfect – let’s make a difference

The idea is to focus on news about course book themes. Find an article online or in a magazine/newspaper about society – a matter that you think is important. It should be something you HAVE AN OPINION ABOUT. Pick one that is not impossibly long (or too short) to work on. Here are some websites that might come in handy:

  1. Summarize the article of your choice (approx. 10% of the original article) in English or Finnish + provide a source + translate 10 challenging words!
  2. Write an argumentative essay / letter to the editor (approx. 150 – 250 words) expressing your opinion about the matter. How do you feel about the subject? Why do you think it’s important? How could people make a difference? Use your own experiences as a baseline for your argument or compare world phenomena to Finland. Use at least 10 LINKING WORDS to structure your essay!
  3. Enter your summary and argumentative essay as one blog post. Remember to provide information about or a link to the original source (date it was published, heading, author and newspaper/magazine).
  4. Create a poll and embed it in your post. The question should be relevant to your argument!
  5. Comment a blog entry by one of your fellow students. Argue for or against (or both) the matter in question. You can also comment the summary and the grammar. Remember to be constructive in your criticism!



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