6 Open Road

Are you ready for some weird science and technology? How much do you know about economy? Are you aware of what’s going on in the media? During this course you will get to write science fiction, make a survey, deliver a sales pitch, conduct your own scientific experiment and so much more!



Useful Links

Evaluation (mandatory requirements)

  1. 2 vocabulary quizzes
  2. 1 prepositions quiz
  3. 1 science fiction short story or obituary (YO 99 p)
  4. 1 matriculation examination written part (YO 110 p)
  5. 1 matriculation examination listening comprehension (YO 90 p)
  6. 1 scientific article summary (33p)
  7. 1 sales pitch based on scientific article (56 p oral skills)
  8. 1 peer evaluation as investors (10 p)
  9. final exam on course vocabulary and grammar



ENA6 Lifelong Learning

The theme for our course is the future. There is life after high school and exploring options now helps set goals that could lead to a possible career. So get ready to answer one of the most important questions in life, “What are you going to be when you grow up?”

Useful links

Evaluation (mandatory requirements)

  1. vocabulary tests
  2. 1-2 essays 150-250 words
  3. 1 CV (blog or GoogleDoc)
  4. 1 cover letter
  5. In groups : job interviews in class
  6. final exam on course vocabulary and grammar + a listening comprehension


Blog Theme: Fabulous futures




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