7 Open Road

It’s time to explore the environment and consider how we interact with this 3rd rock from the sun we call home. What does the future look like? Are we facing imminent self-destruction or sustainable development? Find out for yourself!

Useful Links

Evaluation (mandatory requirements)

  • 1 essay (YO) 99 p = 14,5%
  • 1 summary (YO, in Finnish) 20 p = 2,9%
  • 1 written part (YO) 110 p = 16%
  • 1 listening comprehension (YO) 90 p = 13,1%
  • 1 presentation/speech (in pairs) 100 p = 14,6%
  • 3 vocabulary tests 120 p = 17,5%
  • final exam on vocabulary and grammar 145 p = 21%
  • TOTAL = 684 p


English GROUPS and Presentations

Blog Theme: The end of the world as we know it (a creative essay / imaginary diary entry 150 – 250 words or more)

  1. Imagine that you are 10 years older than you are now; in the future. Who are you, what do you do and where do you live? Build your character by adding details about the way she or he looks, profession, family, bad habits etc.
  2. Then envision the world around you. Some kind of terrible catastrophe(environmental, economical, cultural, agricultural etc.) has destroyed Earth. Use the vocabulary in Open Road 7 to describe what has happened to our planet and the destruction around you.
  3. Think about the following questions: How did it get so bad? How could it have been prevented? What is your life like now and how did you survive? Even though it is the end of the world, your style can be humorous too!
  4. After finishing your creative blog post, illustrate it with a photo or add some music videos to go with the apocalyptic vibe. Don’t forget copyrights!


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