Creative Writing

A warm welcome to our Creative Writing Course. In other words, in other worlds we shall travel. At the end of our journey, you will have obtained the tools and the language to express yourself creatively in English.

The goal of our quest is to create a fabulous blog to showcase our writing tasks. Social media skills will come in handy when we promote our best work. Each week’s task will be commented on constructively by the teacher and your peers. We will also be voting for the most creative pieces of writing and reading some out loud for the morning announcements.

Just use your imagination!

Mandatory requirements

  • 6 introductions
  • Creative Writing (150 –> words)
    1. fan fiction (beginnings)
    2. heroes and villains (character description)
    3. scripts (creating a scene and dialogue)
    4. the story continues (endings)
    5. setting (where and when)
    6. a short story (genres and idioms)
  • 6 reviews (commenting the blog)
  • self-evaluation

EA11.1 Creative Writing


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