English Club

Is English your hobby? Let’s make the most out of all the best the English language and culture has to offer!

Mandatory Requirements

  • active attendance (max. 3 absences)
  • discussions and workshops
  • excursions
  • Shakespeare task
  • debate research and mini-debate
  • self-evaluation

English group 1

Self-evaluation and Feedback

Please answer the following questions in full English sentences by commenting below. Use your real first name.

  1. What role does English play in your life?
  2. Why did you take the course English Club and did it fulfill your expectations? Is there anything that you wish had been done differently or that you could have done differently to make it better?
  3. What did you learn from our field trip to the English Department? How will English play a part in your future / your future studies?
  4. What is your opinion about watching movies with English subtitles or no subtitles at all? Is it useful / useless and how?
  5. List any new words that you may have learned during the course.
  6. What did you learn about literature,  music or culture in general during the course?
  7. What did you learn about debating?
  8. What would you like the English Club to include next year?

6 thoughts on “English Club

  1. 1. English is a big part of my daily life. I always watch movies in English and if I use subtitles, I always select the English ones. All of my electronic devices (phone, computers, gaming consoles etc,) have English set as the default language.

    2. I took the English Club because it seemed fun (and it was) and I also wanted to fill this period with as many English courses I could (4). I think those 3 full movies were a bit too much for a single course, maybe only one or two would’ve been more suitable. I also want to say that I hate self-evaluations and feedback forms so writing this is really slow and annoying for me. But I agree with Joa, different accents would be fun for this course.

    3. I’m not sure if there’s going to be “future studies” for me, but it was nice to see whats it’s like to study English at the university.

    4. I prefer using English subtitles because you hear how words are pronounced in the movie but with English subtitles you can also see how they’re written.

    5. I learned some new words. I just can’t remember any of them at the moment.

    6. The Johnny Cash movie was interesting and it taught me a lot about him.

    7. Nothing new, we covered debates as a topic on the EA08 course.

    8. Less poetry and only one or two movies. And the “different accents” would be a fun subject for this course.

  2. 1. English plays a big role in my daily life. I use computers a lot and I like to watch youtubers who speak English, I watch movies or tv series (in English and without subtitles) and I chat with my friends abroad. I’m better thinking in English than in Finnish so I’d say that I’m little bit devoted to English and it’s basically my daily language.

    2. I chose it because I liked to see what that course had to offer me. I didn’t quite expect anything from that course but it really surprised me how few people chose this course. I would have liked to see we trying to speak other English accents or at least see how many different accents there are, because we hear American and British English all the time but how about Australian, Scottish or northern England’s accents? Explore how different people speak and butcher the words so that no one else can understand them. I think that would have been a great addition to this course and I’m even little bit disappointed.

    3. Personally I didn’t really like the English department. I’m more interested studying physics or math but I think I have to use English where ever I go.

    4. When I was a little, my dad brought movies from south-east Asia, so there were no subtitles in the movies at all. I learned most of my English from the movies which my dad keep bringing from Asia and the first time I had to study English and the grammar was in 1st grade high school, before that I never had to study anything because the language just kept coming from my muscle memory or somewhere, thanks to the movies I watched when I was young. So you probably know my opinion about the subtitles. 🙂

    5. Can’t really think of any new words that I learned but I’m sure there were a few.

    6. I learned a lot of things about Johnny Cash and I like to listen to his songs every once in a while.

    7. I learned one thing about debating. You need to plan your debate carefully.

    8. I’d like to see the course include different English accents and trying to speak them. DO IT! 🙂

  3. Zuber Ali Musse

    1. English is part of my life it helps me to connect me with the rest of the world.
    2. I took the course because it seemed interesting. The course was wonderful.
    3. English Department was a good place to visit and English will definitely play a role in my future.
    4. Watching movies in English with or without subtitles improves ones English in that way, at least in my case.
    5. Don’t remember but I am sure I learned something…..
    6. Not much to be honest.
    7. I learned I am not very good at it
    8. Something more fun!

  4. 1. English is very important to me. I use it when I travel.
    2. I took this course because I need to improve my English.
    3. I wasn’t there. English will play a part in my future in the workplace and in studies.
    4. I think it might be easy to watch movies with English subtitles. Because in the same time we will learn both reading and speaking in English.
    5. There are many new words that I have learned from this course but I can’t remember them all now. Prodigy, husky, dazed…
    6. Not much to be honest.
    7. I think it was good and funny. I learned that you don’t need to understand every word.
    8. More movies and games.

  5. 1. English is a big part of my life. For example I watch series in english and I also do rapping in english which is my hobby.

    2. I took this course because I love watching movies and giving my opinion on it. Puhakka and Inkala both planned this course so well that I wouldn’t change anything.

    3. My vocabulary got better and now I know how to make a statement better.

    4. I watch movies myself with english subtitles because its better for learning new words.

    5. Conveyed, task etc. I cant remember all of them. But during Card Against Humanity game I learn lot of new words.

    6. In this course we didn’t really study about literature. We did watch lof of movies and made tasks about them.

    7. Debating was awesome! I learned lot of things how to improve your arguments and make it better.

    8. Maybe more teamwork which includes more literature. But overall the English Club was awesome course!


  6. 1. I write and read in English, watch movies and series in English and even my dreams are in English! So it’s easy to say that English has a huge part in my life.
    2. I took the course because I though it would be great for me. And it was. We did lots of things that you don’t get to do on regular courses, like visit the university. The only thing I wish had been done differently were the movies. One would have been enough, but I thought three were already too many.
    3. I learned that the English Department is definitely the place I want to be! So in the future, I will be heading there!
    4. I think it is very useful to watch movies with English subtitles. Not only do you learn new words from the subtitles, but you also have to pay much more attention to the way people are talking so you also learn about the pronunciation.
    5. Perilous, imminent, rapture… Can’t think of anything else from the top of my head but I’m sure there were many more!
    6. Not much to be honest. Maybe those were the classes I missed, but I didn’t feel like we were focusing on those things very much. Yes, we watched movies and played some games, but I can’t think of anything special I would have learned from those regarding culture, music or literature.
    7. I though debating was fun, but also that you have to be well prepared to really nail it. And for me, watching the debate from Youtube was one of the most interesting things on the course.
    8. Less movies and more focus on the actual literature and culture. The games and all was fun, but I kind of expected the course to be more challenging as it was targeted for students that were already into the language and planning to study it in the future.

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