Global Me

A new international course with teachers from all over the world here to discuss global issues with you!

Please provide feedback for the Global Me course by answering the following questions in the reply box underneath.

  1. In general you think the Global Me is:
    Very interesting, Interesting, Not interesting, Not interesting at all
  2. What do you think about the contents of the course?
  3. What did you like the most about the course?
  4. What did you not like about the course? Anything that could be developed?
  5. You think the teachers were:
    Well prepared, Prepared, Just fine, Not prepared, Not prepared at all
  6. What do you think about the teaching method?
  7. Would you recommend the course to a friend?
  8. Personal comments.

14 thoughts on “Global Me

  1. 1.Interesting, when we were teached about leadership, I already knew some of the stuff because I’ve been a boy scout leader. Otherwise everything overall was interesting.
    2.The content was good, very good, I learned about surviving on an island very well.
    3.Learning about what to take with me incase of a shipwreck near a lonely island.
    4.It was because of me but some parts of learning about leadership was tedious.
    5.Well prepared, they had very good material to show us and knew everything about the topic.
    6.I have nothing negative to say.
    7.Yes, the course was interesting and one can learn some useful skills from it.
    8.You guys are allright. Good work.

  2. 1.I think the global me was interesting.
    2. The contents of course was very important for us , and for the future.
    3. I liked when we talked about leadership , because we got some good advice for the future , and they will be really usefull for us.
    4.I think the course was in totality very good , but we should participate more the class.
    5.The teachers were prepared. They all helped us on request.
    6.The method was really good. I liked it very much.
    7. Ofcourse , this course was very fun , and easy .
    8.I want to thank all who participated the course and specially the teachers !


  3. 1. Interesting. I learned a lot.
    2. Interesting
    3. I really liked the group activities. It was a nice way to get to know new people and also learn new stuff.
    4. Everything was okay.
    5. Well prepared
    6. I liked it. Although, some presentations were way too long.
    7. Yes!
    8. Thanks for the course!

  4. 1.interesting
    2.The contents of the course was nice.
    3.Beaches were nice.
    4.I didn’t like the final project.
    5.Teachers were well prepared.
    8.I think the lessons were too long but overall really nice course. Thanks!

  5. 1. I think this course was interesting and helpful.
    2. The content of the course was very good and its going to be needed in later moments of life.
    3. I enjoyed the group activities alot.
    4. There wasnt anything i didnt like. And in my opinion theres nether nothing to develop.
    5. Teachers were well prepaired and they knew quite alot about the things they told, and they had much their own opinions.
    6. Teaching method was good and it kept my interest where it suppousted to be.
    7. I could easily recommend this course to anyone of my friends.
    8. I think this course was funny and different, in a good way. I would like to say thanks to the teachers.

  6. 1.Very interesting.
    2.The contents of the course were interesting.
    3.Group activities.
    4.Everything was ok
    5.Well prepared
    6.Very good!
    8.Thank you so much for the course,I had fun!

  7. 1. I liked it. I learned about new things. Example we have never really talked about leadership or human rights.
    2. Interesting.
    3. When Victor told us about Mexico.
    4. I think everything was just fine.
    5. Well prepared
    6. I think it was ok. I would have liked to do more activities maybe.
    7. Absolutely!
    8. Thank you so much for teaching us.

  8. 1. The course has been very interesting.
    2. The content of this course has been interesting and many-sided.
    3. Group activities and human rights declaration.
    4. I wouldn’t change anything.
    5. Teachers were well prepared
    6. Teaching methods were good.
    7. Sure! I would recommend it to my friends.
    8. The course was good I enjoyed it a lot. We had fun and we did learn new stuff. Thanks for the course!

  9. 1. Interesting. The course was awesome.
    2. Contents were interesting.
    3. When we talked about human rights.
    4. Everything was just fine.
    5. Teachers were prepared.
    6. Teaching method was different and good.
    7. Yes.
    8. Good and funny course. Thank you.

  10. 1. Interesting.
    2. The contents of the course were important for sure.
    3. Group activities and beaches.
    4. Didn’t really like the final project that much, instructions for it could’ve been a tad bit clearer.
    5. Teachers were just fine when I could understand them. I have seen worse.
    6. The teaching methods varied quite a lot. Group activities were fun for sure, presentations not so much.
    7. Sure, but I would also warn him/her about the final project and long evenings.
    8. It was a fun course in general, despite the length of the lessons. Not that much to say about it.
    Thanks for the course!

  11. 1. Definitely interesting. The course was really unlike any other I’ve ever been in before.
    2. Globalization is a very timely subject. Being aware of what’s going on in other countries can be useful in a lot of places.
    3. There were pictures of Mexican food at one point, and I really like food.
    4. At the beginning I didn’t feel very involved with the teaching. We started doing more group activities later on though, which helped.
    5. Well prepared, they seemed to have an endless supply of Powerpoint presentations.
    6. Teaching was quite fine. Maybe a bit more group activities and a bit less presentations?
    7. I would and I did. They just didn’t find the idea of leaving from school at 5 pm appealing enough.
    8. Thanks for the great course! Now I feel like a global man.

  12. 1. I think it has been a very interesting course. It has made you think of things you haven’t really thought of before.
    2. I love learning about other countries and their culture compared to our own countries so I really enjoyed the content of this course.
    3. The human rights videos. I thought they were really eye opening.
    4. The power point about leadership at the beginning. Although it was very good and interesting we just had to sit and listen for 2 hours and I think if you made some activities where we could get involved too it would be better.
    5. Well prepared every lesson.
    6. As I said before maybe not so many long power points where
    you just listen. Maybe some more activities were we can get involved.
    7. Of course! I really enjoyed it
    8. Thankyou for coming to teach us about such interesting issues 🙂

  13. 1. Global me is an interesting course where we learn a lot about leadership. I have learned many different things that I haven’t really thought ever before.
    3.they were good
    4. That I met new people and we get to work in team
    5.I liked almost everything. But I think that content could be improved a bit more and it could be more exciting.
    6.The teachers were really nice and friendly. They were able to answer all of our questions which was a really good thing.
    8. Teaching method was good, but it would be nicer if we, as students could do some more
    9. Yes i would and will recommend the course to my friends.
    10. I would like to thank all the teachers who were teaching us.

  14. 1. I think this course has been very interesting, I have learned a lot
    2. This course has been many-sided and I’ve enjoyed about learning new things about Mexico and Albania.
    3. The human rights declaration, there were a lot of things that I didnt know and I’m happy that I’m more civilized now.
    4. I think the course was interesting and many-sided, I wouldn’t change a thing.
    5. The teachers were well repared, they had done many presentations which were interesting and fun.
    6. Teaching method was good, they werent just talking to the blackboard and stuff, they talked to us and we didnt understand something right away they explained it in a bettee way.
    7. Sure! The course was fun and interesting, I would recommend this course to a friend whose interested learning more english and about global issues.
    8. I want to thank you for the course, I had fun and I think everyone else there had too:)!

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