Work English

English is the official or required language of many competitive work places today. Employees are expected to communicate fluently in English which means writing e-mails, taking and making phone calls, hosting meetings, presenting or selling ideas, conducting interviews etc.

The goal of this course is to provide the vocabulary and communication skills to get you that dream job. In small groups, you will be building your very own company, marketing your product, hiring employees and expanding your empire. Work place communication skills will be practiced in various real-life situations creatively (video, blogging, PowerPoint/Prezi, PhotoShop).

In addition to the Young Entrepreneurs Project we will be reading work-related articles and watching a movie to inspire discussions about work and our society today from a global perspective.


Our blog




How to get a job

Evaluation (mandatory requirements)

  1. Young Entrepreneurs Project
    • plan + product
    • job ad
    • cv + application e-mail
    • interviews
    • marketing
    • pitch
  2. Peer evaluation
  3. 1 movie, 3 articles and discussions
  4. Final vocabulary quiz


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